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  • Power Push Up stand /Parallettes - FF71

Why you need Parallettes?

Parallettes can help:

  • Boost muscle growth & muscle gain faster
  • Enhance overall development of the upper body
  • Buid up chest, shoulders, core & back muscles
  • Provide a great range of motion in your movement
  • Improve straight arm strength & body control
  • U-shaped handled offers reduced strain & enhanced support
  • Gymnastic training, push-ups, DIps, V-sits, handstand pushups

Product Description:

Ultimate strength training equipment don't you know the secret behind powerful grips, toned upper arms and solid six-pack ABS? There you go. Yes for all parallettes stand behind the secret of strong and muscular body of professional athletes. Now you can maximize your hand wrist strength without experience unnecessary discomfort. Our Parallettes keep your wrist in the natural position, thus lessen the pressure on your wrist, and distribute it equally on your hands and forearms. High quality push up bars for maximized performance. The new revolutionary parallettes are measured 24 inch length by 12 inch width to increase more clearance for your feet and legs to pass through, thus providing a full extension for better workout performances. What's more? Hard rubber feet keep the parallettes stable on any surface without slipping and help you maintain strong grips and right posture. This no-slip base small safety and stability during your training. Versatile parallettes for upper body development. Parallettes are great way to enhance the overall development of the upper body, including both the chest, biceps and triceps. Start your full workouts right now with push ups, dips, shoot through, tucks, L-sits, handstand, planches and more. Easy assembly in less than 1 minute three components work great together for easy assembly. By gripping the handles of the stands, you'll enjoy a great range of motion during push ups, helping your muscles develop even more effeciently. Whats's more, the stands are extremely compact for storage and extremely compact for storage transport to let you get ina great workout anytime and anywhere. 

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Power Push Up stand /Parallettes - FF71

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