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Sledgehammer training is an effective, low impact whole body exercise, and is growing in popularity, especially with CrossFit, strongman, and fitness cross-training. A single swing incorporates your feet, legs and hips, core, chest, back, and shoulders, and finally your upper and lower arms. These muscles working together demand a large amount of oxygen, which makes sledgehammer swinging as metabolically challenging as any similar exercise program, like rowing and swimming as well as heavy bag punch training.

Short sets using maximum power will develop strength and anaerobic fitness. Longer sets using lighter strikes will develop aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. Because swinging a sledgehammer uses a large percentage of your muscle mass, it is also a very effective calorie burner.

Durable steel construction. Machined knurled over 90% of handle for easy stress-free grip. Head is welded to handle for increased safety and performance. Symmetrically balanced for optimum weight equalization.

Here are some benefits of Power Hammer training:

  • Thick grip to build grip strength and power in the wrist
  • Thin diameter on the ends for fluid behind the neck/overhead swings
  • Great weight distribution
  • Smooth texture for easy grip
  • Excellent conditioning tool which helps in improving work capacity, developing core strength, enhancing grip & forearm strength
  • Great for tire slams, hammer swings, tomahawks etc.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Powder coated finish
  • 12kg

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Sledge Hammer

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