Spin Bike (BH) H 960B

H960B Indoor Bike


Product Description

V-frame constructionPossessing elasticity and durability, the V-shaped frame of H960B can effectively leverage the loadings to both foot tubes. This design also increases the flexibility of the frame and makes your riding experience much more realistic.
Fascinating multi-layer paintingThe frame is applied with automobile painting technology to finish the surface. It applies the primer paint directly to the metal and finishing techniques on the overcoat.
Top-class magnetic control systemBy varying the distance between the flywheel and the two powerful magnets, resulting from eddy current, you can adjust 16 resistance selector levels provide by the magnetic control system of H960B.
Durable grooved V-belt direct drive system6 PK V-belt direct drive system assures performance that is very smooth and quiet. Users don't have to maintain or oil the transmission system.
4D Micro-adjustment for your fittingErgonomically designed handlebar and saddle are both micro-adjustable, horizontally and vertically. Such an excellent design allows riders to replicate to the same position you have on your bike.
Ultra strong BB and axlesThe rigid bottom bracket features well thermal protection and high reliability, and ensures greater torsion stiffness and cycling efficiency.
Three-piece crank setCombining with heavy duty SKF bearings and three-piece crank set allows the cycling movement smoothly. That would also prevent injuries from joins and muscles of your legs.
Blue backlight LCD monitorDisplay Watts and RPM data that help users to track the workout progress. The easy-read data helps users to track the needed information through the training process.
Dual SPD pedalsIt allows users to fasten feet easily and protect users from injury. Also, the tying bands make riders feeling comfortable and prevent any slip.
Tig pulse weldingIn order to enhance the strength of the frame, BH applies computer pulse tig welding for smooth even fish scalloped surfaces.
Dimensions: 131×65×118(cm)
Flywheel weight: 15KG
Weight: 50.5KG
Resistance levels: 16 levels
Data readout: PM, speed, resistance, heart rate, calories, Watts, distance, time
The World's First Built-in Bluetooth Cadence Sensor for Indoor Cycling BH indoor cycling equipped with an IC-KIT can be used to transmit the cadence data (RPM) to a smart device (iOS device) via Bluetooth. This allows the apps to be able to guide your workout and provide interactions based on your current effort, and track your workout results. IC-KIT makes mobile app training possible in indoor cycling.
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