Up Right Bike (BH) LK-7000A

Upright Bike – Exercise bike - Commercial series – BH LK7000A


Upright Bike – Exercise bike - Commercial series – BH LK7000A Upright Bike – Exercise bike - Commercial series – BH LK7000A


Upright Bike – Exercise bike - Commercial series – BH LK7000A
Gensis III generator system with self-powered technology
Electromagnetic brake system with generator
Maximum reliability and precision and no need for electric mains
Maintenance free Poly-V belt Drive system
The best drive system doesn’t need any oiling and makes the less noise
SWR Steady Watts Rate control program
Specially designed for rehabilitation purposes
13 different programs
Helps users to find the best personal course and level of workout
1 MANUAL profile program with 20 resistance levels
8 pre-set programs with 4 intensity levels
1 precise Heart Rate Control (HRC) program
Male TEST & Female TEST program
Helps to control the fitness condition through controlled recovery
1 User programmable profile
Helps users to design their own programs
Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the seat
Watts and RPM calculation
Vital information for accurate measurement of training workout
Contact pulse measurement system
POLAR Telemetric pulse control




Drive technology
Gensis III generator system
Power requirement
220V / Self-powered
Drive system
Electromagnetic brake system
Maintenance Poly-V belt
Resistance levels
20 levels
Seat adjustment
34 cm / 13"
Unit Weight
60 kg / 132 lbs
Display screen
Red-dot matrix LED monitor
Data readout
Time, Speed, RPM, Distance, Calories, Watt, Pulse, Level
8 pre-set programs, Manual, Male/Female Test, WATT control, HRC
Instant keys
Quick start
Numeric keys
10 numeric keys (0 ~ 9)
Comfort in Use
Heart rate monitor
contact / telemetric(optional)
Front stationary handlebars integrated contact HR handgrips
Large comfort seat
Multiple strap adjustments
Powerful fans


BH Certifications, BH Worldwide

Rs 269,000

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