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Functional and fully-loaded, the Body Power Multi-Function Smith Machine with Half Rack and Dual Adjustable Pulley is designed to take your strength workouts to the next level. It comes complete with a multi-grip pull up bar, six weight horns, a chrome knurled bar with 12 racking positions, a T-bar row station and more!

Loaded with attachments and accessories, the Body Power Multi-Function Smith Machine combines multiple pieces of equipment into one machine, saving valuable space in your home gym.

It comes complete with a chrome bar that"s knurled for a secure grip. Compatible with Olympic plates only, the Smith Machine lets you complete movements like squats, bench press and more safely - just hook the bar into one of 12 positions to secure it after your set. The frame has six integrated weight horns to store your Olympic plates safely off the ground, and comes with spring collars too.

The dual adjustable pulley on the front of the machine allows for independent handle movements, and can be raised or lowered to your desired starting position. Load Olympic plates on the back of the machine to add resistance. You can also utilise the lat pull down and low row stations for working your back, along with a fixed multi-grip pull up station and leg hold-down.

Safety spotters and j-hooks, with a textured rubber surface, are also included for when you want to use a traditional barbell safely. Add dips into your routine with the included handles that can be attached to the frame, or use the landmine holder, complete with a handle for T-bar rows. Once you"ve finished with your barbell, you can store it in the convenient holder at the back of the machine.

  • Train Safely: Train to your maximum ability without the need for a spotter
  • Knurled Bar: Provides a secure grip throughout your workout
  • Spring Collars: Keep your weight plates safely on the bar
  • Safety Spotter and J-Hooks: With a textured rubber surface, for when you want to use a traditional barbell setup
  • Chinning Bar and Dip Handles: Incorporate pull ups and dips into your workout
  • Landmine Attachment: Integrated landmine holder and additional handle for T-bar rows; bar not included
  • Storage: 6x weight plate horns, barbell holder
  • Stations: Lat pulldown and low row
  • Dual Adjustable Pulleys: plate loaded; adjustable vertically for the ideal positioning
  • Boxed Weight: 234 kg total
  • Dimensions: H 222 x D 172 x W 201 cm
  • Max Weight Capacities: J-Hooks - 200 kg ; Smith Bar - 250 kg ; Weight Horns - 75 kg ; Plate Loaded Pulley - 250 kg ; Dip Bars - 200 kg ; Chin Up - 265 kg
  • Product Code: BPMFSRD

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BO9503 Multi Functional Smith Machine

  • Body One
  • Product Code: BO9503
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  • Rs. 349,000.00