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Treadmill Sri Lanka

Treadmill-WG 6520U

Treadmill-WG 6520U

Rs. 289,000.00

Treadmill-WG 6522U

Treadmill-WG 6522U

Rs. 389,000.00

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Treadmill for sale in sri lanka

Buy Treadmills Online in Sri Lanka

The treadmill is very popular fitness equipment adopting a simple design, where the user can start running at the push of a button. Many people want to reduce fat or workout by running, therefore, if weather or other factors make them reluctant to run outside, using a treadmill at home becomes an ideal choice to train their fitness.

As Europe's number 1 fitness equipment provider, BH Fitness is a specialist in manufacturing equipment for home fitness treadmill as well as commercial treadmills use in professional gymnasiums, a wide range of treadmill series allows you to tone your body into a work of art either at home or your local gym.

Benefits from using BH Treadmill

  • Regularized cardiorespiratory system: more effective, circulation blood, supply oxygen and nutrients to the areas needed and metabolize the waste product.
  • Increase muscular strength.
  • Increase BMR.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Increase BMD and protects the joints.
  • Keep the body in the correct posture and reduces pain.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Good flexibility enables us to be more efficient during exercising and prevents injuries from occurring.
  • Maintain body composition, prevent hormone in balance.

Advance features in BH Treadmills

  • Categorize Home Treadmill range: Occasional, Intensive, Regular, Semi-Professional
  • Green power Eco function
  • Damping system (6 elastomers) supplemented with “run” soft control technology which extends the life of the shock absorbers the running board
  • Soft-touch technology, fully customized software
  • i Concept system using Bluetooth smart – run on the earth.
  • High accurate Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Extra-wide running surface
  • Foldable compact machine space server

Eser Marketing International Treadmills at the best prices

You can buy treadmills online or from our Eser Marketing International branches islandwide at the best prices in Sri Lanka. We are the largest supplier of treadmills in Sri Lanka with a comprehensive warranty and guaranteed after-sales support.